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Born on this day, over a century ago, Ramabai Bhimrao Ambedkar was the woman who propelled Babasaheb to the heights of his academic as well as political success. The anecdotes of her unimaginable sacrifice in a life long struggle to transform an ordinary ‘Bhima’ to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar also transformed her own identity from Ramabai to the mother of all, ‘Ramai’. Ramai sacrificed her own wants and likes, saving every penny out of sheer love and faith in the mammoth task her partner had undertaken to churn up a revolution, India wasn’t ready for. She was contained knowing every grumble her empty stomach made, ensured a fellow Dalit woman a life of dignity for decades to come. Ramai learned to read and write in English early on, a great feat for her time. Dalit women today face the worst forms of oppression in rural as well as urban areas in personal and professional life one for their caste second for being a woman and third if they’re poor. Dalit women today are the marginalized within the marginalized. Upper class Savarna feminists have either denied space for Dalit women to rise or have blatantly appropriated their struggle taking every opportunity to speak on their behalf. Dalit feminism is slowly holding it’s ground with scholars and activists pointing out caste and gender intersectionalities. Today, all Dalits as well as their allies who have chosen to take up and continue this tedious work of calling out and systematically dismantling Brahminical Patriarchy find their strength and inspiration in the legacy of Ramai!

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420 x 220 mm

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