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Confronting the Construct 1



The artist works to engage the audience with posing an enquiry into the abuse of power, caste oppression and neglect, injustice and corruption. Currently the artist interests are about “historicity” and socio-political concern, democratic perspective and issues regarding caste and gender discrimination, atrocities, dignity of labor and basic human rights, and above all “the worth of life” of an individual who simply wants to work. For example, migrant workers walking back to home-town for 1000s of km, barefoot during the Lockdown. The artist uses fragmentation as a means to convey Partition/Conflict/Deprivation. The artist also works with various inexpensive hardware- shop materials like Red-oxide, Strainer pigments, resin adhesives, found objects, tools etc. as an attempt of experiencing and understanding the challenge of sustenance and survival in diverse situations of a working-class people’s life.


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